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workability of recycled concrete aggregate

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  • workability of recycled concrete aggregate
  • workability of recycled concrete aggregate

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  • A Comprehensive Review on Recycled Aggregate and

    2021年8月1日· recycled aggregate concrete mechanical properties models of compressive strength 1 Introduction “Let's get this on the table right away, without2016年10月2日· Workability and Rheology of Fresh Recycled Aggregate Concrete Carlo Pellegrino & Flora Faleschini Chapter First Online: 02 October 2016 1052 Accesses 2Workability and Rheology of Fresh Recycled Aggregate

  • Incorporating coarse and fine recycled aggregates into concrete

    2023年11月6日· Materials and reagents The application of recycled concrete aggregates (RCA) serves as a widely embraced method on behalf of repurposing concrete waste,2017年11月28日· The use of recycled concrete aggregates as an alternative aggregate material in concrete has been studied over the past two decades It is now recognizedMechanical and Durability Properties of Recycled

  • Mechanical Properties and Durability Performance of Recycled

    2022年2月26日· The workability of the recycled aggregate concrete was enhanced to level comparable to the reference concrete (165 mm) by adding superplasticizer (1%2018年9月1日· Recycled Concrete Aggregates (RCA) are recycled aggregates obtained by crushing concrete waste from demolition sites, rejected precast members, laboratoryStrength and durability of concrete containing recycled

  • Workability study of concretes made with recycled mortar aggregate

    Thus, the main goal of this study is to assess the workability of concrete by varying: (1) workability tests (slump test, flow test and VeBe test); (2) the amount of fine and coarse2023年5月30日· In the construction industry, natural aggregates (NA) can be replaced by recycled concrete aggregates (RCA), which can address the issue of constructionwaste disposal and resolve the dilemmaPerformance Improvement of Recycled Concrete

  • Selfcuring concrete: a stateoftheart review | SpringerLink

    2023年11月6日· Use of recycled aggregates in selfcuring concrete can reduce the environmental impact of construction and increase the durability of concrete structures2013年3月29日· After demolition of old roads and buildings, the removed concrete is often considered worthless and disposed of as demolition waste By collecting the used concrete and breaking it up, recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) is created (Fig 1)This paper focuses on coarse RCA which is the coarse aggregate from the original concrete that isRecycled Concrete Aggregates: A Review | International Journal of

  • Recycled Concrete Aggregates – Its Uses,

    2020年8月18日· History Recycled concrete aggregates or Crushed concrete aggregates has been in use since the ancient times, only to be integrated with gravel, sand, and cement to ensure durability The2022年1月31日· With the rapid development of urbanization, many new buildings are erected, and old ones are demolished and/or recycled Thus, the reuse of building materials and improvements in reuse efficiencyThe Durability of Recycled Fine Aggregate Concrete:

  • Investigating the Effects of Recycled Aggregate and Mineral

    2023年7月21日· In this work, the effects of recycled concrete aggregate, modified with mineral admixtures and nanosilica, on the mechanical properties and performance of concrete after curing in tap water for 28 and 90 days were investigated The compressive (ƒc), indirect tensile (ƒt), and flexural (ƒb) strengths for the cured concrete specimens2021年12月26日· The recycled concrete aggregate was treated with cement paste (CP), alkaliactivated highcalcium fly ash paste (AHF), and alkaliactivated highcalcium fly ash paste incorporating dolomite powder (AHFD) and the corresponding workability and mechanical properties of the PCC mixed with the treated RCA were investigatedImprovement of recycled concrete aggregate using alkaliactivated

  • Strength and durability of concrete containing recycled concrete

    2018年9月1日· Duan et al [47] proposed an ANN model to predict the compressive strength of RCA concrete by accounting for the mass of water, cement, sand, natural coarse aggregate and recycled coarse aggregate, watercement ratio (w/c), fineness modulus of sand, water absorption of aggregates, saturated surfacedried density,2023年3月10日· There have been efforts to use building demolition waste as an alternative aggregate in concrete to decrease the use of natural resources for construction The World Green Building Council estimates that the construction industry is responsible for more than 50% of all material extracted globally and that construction and demolition waste makesA Comprehensive Review on Recycling of Construction Demolition

  • Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete | SpringerLink

    2018年6月17日· 4213 Influence of Strength of Parent Concrete The strength of parent concrete, the size of natural aggregates used in the parent concrete, and the crushing stages intensely affect the properties of recycled aggregates (Akbarnezhad et al 2013)The amount of adhered mortar on recycled aggregate and hence the water absorption2022年9月10日· Wasted concrete was often used as a recycled aggregate instead natural stone in fresh concrete to reduce the environmental impact in a decade However, because of the residual mortar interface, the performance of recycled aggregate was weaker In this paper, the recycled aggregate was prewetted, and the effects of prewetted degree onEffect of the Moisture Content of Recycled Aggregate on the

  • Evaluation of coarse recycled concrete aggregates effect on the

    2021年5月10日· This study presented is interested to identify the influence of the use of recycled concrete aggregates (RCA) on mechanical properties (compressive strength, tensile and Modulus of elasticity), rheological properties (workability, yield stress, and plastic viscosity), and total shrinkage of concrete Coarse ordinary aggregates (COA)2022年8月19日· (i) More water is required to achieve the specified workability since the workability of concrete decreases as RCA and BCA levels increase (ii) With bone china aggregate and recycled coarseOptimization and Prediction of Concrete with

  • Progress in developing selfconsolidating concrete (SCC)

    2021年3月10日· Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) derived from demolition waste has been widely explored for use in civil engineering applications One of the promising strategies globally is to incorporate RCA into concrete products However, the use of RCA in highperformance concrete, such as selfconsolidating concrete (SCC), has only2019年5月1日· Totally 11 groups of concrete mixture were considered in this study including normal concrete (NC), recycled aggregate concrete (RC) and geopolymer concretes In NC and RC, the W/B ratio was kept the same as 05 considering the high absorption of RA in RC The coarse aggregates in RC were 100% RA compared to theEffects of combined usage of GGBS and fly ash on workability

  • Effect of recycled concrete aggregate on mechanical, physical

    2022年5月18日· Lowcalcium fly ash (LCFA) and ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS)based geopolymer concretes are ecofriendly novel concrete to be used as an alternative to traditional OPC concrete Natural resources are used in the production of cement, while industrial and demolished concrete wastes such as GGBS, LCFA, and2019年3月1日· The construction industry consumes enormous quantities of concrete, which subsequently produces large amount of material waste during production and demolishing As a result, the colossal quantity of concrete rubble is disposed in landfills This paper, therefore, evaluated the feasibility of reusing waste concrete as recycledEvaluation of Concrete Strength Made with Recycled Aggregate

  • Influence of recycled concrete aggregates on strength properties

    2009年2月1日· The results indicated that the compressive strength dropped by about 10% when using recycled aggregates, while the bond stress at failure dropped by 8–20%, depending on the type of fine aggregate used in the concrete The porosity of recycled concrete made with substitution of recycled concrete aggregate was studied by386 Experimental Work of Compressive Strength and Workability of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Om Prakash Singh1, Dr Shailesh Choudhary2 1PhD Scholar, Department of Structural Engineering, JNVExperimental Work of Compressive Strength and Workability of Recycled

  • Comparative Study on Natural and Recycled Concrete Aggregate

    2022年10月26日· Fresh properties of concrete include workability of concrete mix It is greatly influenced by a number of parameters, aggregate size, moisture content, water absorption, and aggregate shape and texture [19, 20]Due to the porous nature of RCA, it attains low workability than the natural aggregate2021年11月28日· In this paper, the effect of the original aggregate size of the recycled aggregate on the mechanical properties of the recycled aggregate concrete was evaluated A series of concretes were produced in which natural aggregates, recycled aggregates, and original aggregates in recycled aggregates were matched for a singleEffect of Aggregate Size on Recycled Aggregate Concrete under

  • Strength, Porosity and Permeability Properties of Porous Concrete

    2023年2月7日· Mix design for the control concrete group and the recycled concrete aggregate replaced concrete group were determined per the ACI 522R, 2010 design standard Cube molds with dimensions of 150 mm × 150 mm × 150 mm and cylinder molds with dimensions of 200 mm × 100 mm were used to cast the specimen with partial

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